Thursday, May 23, 2013

Pure Maple Ice Cream/Coconut Milk Ice Cream

For Dairy Free See Below


2 whole eggs

3 egg yolks

1 1/2 cup Grass Fed Whole Milk

1 1/2 cup Grass Fed Heavy Cream

3/4 cup Pure Maple Syrup

1 tsp sea salt

1 tsp vanilla


1. Pour milk and cream into a medium pot and cook on medium heat while whisking. Bring it to a boil and lower heat to low and let simmer.

2. While the milk simmers crack 3 eggs and place yolks in a small mixing bowl and discard whites, now crack the remaining two eggs and add them whole, to the rest. Pour your maple in and whisk till well mixed.

3. Pour 1 cup of the hot milk/cream mixture out and while whisking, pour the hot cream mixture into your egg/maple mixture. You're tempering the eggs and you have to whisk all the while to avoid making scrambled eggs. Once well mixed pour the whole mixture into the pan on the stove and whisk till the mixture starts to thicken like a custard.

4. Now add your vanilla and salt. Once it has thickened to a custard like consistency pour mixture into a glass bowl and cover with parchment or wax paper. Make sure the paper touches the surface of the custard so it will not form a skin while it cools. Place the bowl in the freezer for about 2 hours to cool.

5. Once cooled pour mixture into your ice cream maker and process according to manufacturer's instructions. Once done make yourself a nice bowl and pour some maple on top or some homemade caramel! 

Okay so if you can't have dairy no problem! 

Coconut Milk Ice Cream or Coconut Maple Ice Cream like above:


1 can full fat coconut milk

4 egg yolks

1 tsp vanilla

1 tbsp coconut sugar

If you want maple add 1/4 cup pure maple and 1/2 tsp sea salt and leave out the coconut sugar.


1.  Take a metal bowl and place it over a simmering pot of water, this will keep the coconut milk from getting too hot and burning or boiling.

2. Pour your coconut milk in the bowl that is setting over the pot of simmering water and add vanilla and heat till hot. DO NOT BOIL. Whisk eggs in a small bowl with coconut sugar, or maple. Add ladleful of hot milk to eggs while whisking vigorously. Add 2 to 3 more ladlefuls of milk to eggs while continuing to whisk. Take egg mixture and pour into the bowl of hot milk.

3. Add in your salt and whisk for a couple of mintues, non-stop to form a thick custard. Do not get it too hot. Once ready remove from heat and place in the fridge or freezer to cool and once cooled place in your ice cream maker and process according to manufacturer's instructions. Enjoy! 

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