Saturday, October 3, 2015

DIY Natural Facial Toner

Skin is naturally acidic, but many skin care products are more on the alkaline side. A quality toner can help restore natural skin pH. Facial toners can also help shrink pores and balance oil production.

When used under makeup, toners can provide a protective barrier on the skin to prevent impurities from makeup from penetrating skin.

Witch hazel, an extract from the leaves and bark of the Hamamelis virginiana shrub, has a long history of use, especially in skin care. It has also been used over the years as a natural remedy for hemorrhoids, burns and other skin irritation.

Witch hazel is naturally anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial, making it excellent for helping reduce the appearance of acne, redness and skin irritation. It helps lock in moisture, making it a good choice for oily and dry skin, and is high in tannins that reduce the appearance of fine lines.

Vitamin C helps tighten the skin and maintain the natural pH, many high end skin products (that cost hundreds of times as much as this homemade toner) use vitamin C (often synthetic) for this purpose, vitamin C is also important internally, but tropical Vitamin C provides much more skin benefits.

Make in Small Batches...

This recipe makes a small amount of toner, and this is important. Though you could easily double the recipe, it wouldn't be as effective.

Vitamin C breaks down over time. I only make as much as I need for about a week or less. Keep away from sunlight and heat.


1/4 tsp natural Vitamin C Powder 
2 Tablespoons witch hazel extract
2 oz amber or dark blue bottle with dropper.


1. Combine all ingredients in a small bowl.

2. Shake or stir to incorporate. pour into the dropper bottle.

3. Use after washing face each day. The mixture tends to separate so give the bottle a good shake before each use. Apply 2-3 drops to a cloth or cotton pad and wipe over face gently.

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