Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Butterfinger Milk Shake

Yep you read that title right. There really isn't much about this shake that's Paleo. But to be honest I love Butterfingers and I don't mind indulging in a treat like this once in a while. And hey at least you know whats in the milk shake unlike when your buying a butterfinger shake from some place you don't know if they use real milk or where it comes from. This is somewhat healthier at least. Lets get to it!


4 oz raw milk

4 oz farm fresh heavy cream (Kalona brand found at Wholefoods)

1 regular size butterfinger broke into pieces

1 tbsp of 100% natural peanut butter

4 oz of 100% natural vanilla ice cream (Blue Bunny Brand found at Smith's or Wal Mart)


1. Just put it all into a blender and blend away till smooth and enjoy!

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